About My Practice

Individual Therapy

Are you feeling depressed or anxious?  Are you going through a difficult time, struggling with relationship problems, dealing with unemployment or considering a career change?  Are you grieving the loss of a loved one?  Are you struggling with coming out and disclosure issues?  Are you stuck in repetitive patterns you would like to change but can’t despite your desire and need to do so? Individual therapy can help you find the solutions you need.

When you start your own individual therapy you are investing in yourself and in your well-being in the service of self-care.  It is crucial to a successful therapeutic process that you choose a therapist who understands you and who you can trust.  I can help you in this process of exploration and change by providing you emotional support while using the concepts and tools I learned through my studies and years of experience that can help you reach the goals you desire in a safe, neutral and confidential environment.




Couples/Relationship Counseling

Do you and your partner experience challenges in communication and mutual understanding?  Do you feel individual aspirations are interfering with your growth as a couple?  Are you worried about the quality and the future of your relationship?  Have routine and obligations replaced spontaneity and joy?  Couples and relationship therapy can help clarify issues, improve communication and find meaningful solutions.




Group Therapy

People with common problems and histories come together with a therapist in a safe and confidential environment to get validation, support and facilitation of problem solving and empowerment.  A group is comprised of 3 to 8 persons who might seek to learn from each other’s experiences and might benefit from peers’ input.




Professional Coaching

When agency and school-sponsored clinical supervision doesn’t feel like it is enough, if you have questions about your vocational choice, want to improve your professional confidence and seek to enhance your rapport with clients or would like to explore other career opportunities, professional coaching can help you.